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FAQs – what you need to know

Are you insured?
I am a professional dog walker, I have specific insurance for my role.

Can my dog go off the lead?
Of course they can as often as you like so long as I consider it safe to do so and I have your written consent.

Do you have first aid training?
I have both advanced pet first aid & CPR training, and I also carry a specific first aid kit in my vehicle.

Where do you walk the dogs?
I have various locations and I always try to mix them up and source new ones. I have specific requirements for my walks to enable slow sniff walks, enrichment activities and take into consideration older dogs/health/joint issues as necessary. I always use areas that are safe, away from roads and livestock.

How do you transport my pet?
I have a vehicle specially kitted out for pet transport with cages and specific insurance. It is air-conditioned and I also carry a first aid kit, water, towels and other kit I need to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet.

How can I trust you with my pet?
I am DBS checked and I spent over 30 years working in a bank – they trusted me with your money!

What about my house keys?
Your keys will be kept in a key safe and I only carry those I need at the time. They remain anonymously marked. You can always use your own key safe at your property if you prefer.

What if my pet is injured or becomes ill?
This is something I will discuss with each owner when they take me on. I have first aid training but will take them to the vet as needed. This process will be covered with you at our first meeting.